Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi all,

Well after almost 5 weeks on the road we have arrived in Singapore to get back into the time zone, then we head home Saturday morning.

It has been a long time since I saw a sprintcar so I hope I remeber what they look like and how to drive one.

First job when I get home is to head down to Bunbury to say hello and watch what I hope will be a good race meeting.

We have got our panels into the local paint shop and hope we can start putting our car back together next week and hit the road for Carnarvon, however work is really getting busy so I may have to go to Tom Price and then Koolan and miss Carnarvon, apparently if I miss the meeting I get to keep the trophy for another year.

We are hoping to get a run in Tom Price if their season is running while we are working up there, you never know your luck.

Anyway hope to see you all Saturday at Bunbury for a chat and a beer.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good luck this weekend.

Hi all from sunny (yes sunny) Germany.

Well the work part is done and it is almost time to come home.

We are hoping to be back in the seat for Carnarvon on the 15th May, but we have not got a car together yet, this could be a bit of a hurdle for us so we will see what we can do, may have to put the JEI back together.

Good luck to all this weekend at Geraldton, we hope the meeting is as successful as last year and wish we were there.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comings and Goings

Well most of us are packed and ready to go to Gero. I've got the Kinser car and it came with strict instructions that I'm not allowed to race it. Don't forget to come and check it out.
The weather is on our side and looking good nice and cool and dry.

Andrew Pedlar is looking for a spare fuel bladder if someone has one. Contact him through mum if you can help.

Shannon Peet looks to be taking it serious this weekend and has dropped in a limited engine.

Team Ackster have been quoted as saying that they have "some tricks up there sleeve" and have been experimenting with set ups and will be hard to beat.

Gavin will be another that will be at the pointy end after his good form over the last two months.

Robbie Stevens knows that this race means a lot to us all and wants to get his name on the trophy.

Greg Harvey has had some engine problems and will have to drop in an "old 372" and just wants to race and is quite happy to race off the rear or mix with us. Adam will also be there to keep us all smiling.

Steven Lyall and Jim Andreoli are making the trip down from Carnarvon,thanks guys.

Mick Doble Might be able to sit back and relax a bit after a massive weekend of junior racing and come away with a overdue win.

All quiet from Moora. Has anyone heard from the King Boys? C'mon guys your only a few hours away.

Finally Carolyn and myself are as ready as we'll ever be and want be be near the front more than anybody. We'll just see how it all works out.

See you all there.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wayne Armstrong Cup

This time we're all off to Gero for the Wayne Armstrong Cup.There was some really good close racing last meeting and we're looking forward to the same this time.This meeting means a lot to us and hopefully Carolyn or I can get our name on the trophy this year. Mum has again worked very hard to make this a special race meeting.

This year will feature a former Steve Kinser #11 Quaker State car on display kindly on loan from Sean Carran. This was the car that Steve ran in the Outlaws Downunder in 04 and is a rare opportunity to see an original Kinser car up close.

There are some really good prizes up for grabs which should ensure some good hard and hopefully clean racing.

Mum also wanted to let everyone know that her place is available for anyone to use as a base. There is plenty of shed room for working on cars a wash pad with high pressure cleaner and space if you need somewhere to camp. Also if anyone is looking for some affordable accommodation try the Grenough caravan park as they have some good cabins plenty of parking room and it's close to mums for your cars.

Don't forget to get your nominations in to Mick or Kim Doble as soon as possible.

Hello from Venice.

Hi all,

Great to see the results from Geraldton posted.

Looks like a good time was had by most.
Those Webster brakes have been a hassle for some time, I will have to get Shane's car down to Alladins cave and sort them out for him. Given he wants another 200 horse power for next year we best get the brakes in tune.
Hey Shane if your reading this give me a call, afternoon your time in case I am still asleep.

Anyone going to Knoxville this year? I have 2 sets of tickets for the 410's available to a good home.

I have not had to put on my gloves or beanie since arriving in Venice, great place to come and see.
The train trip from Zurich to Milan had the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen, I would recommend this trip to everyone, huge mountains, lots of snow, buildings on mountains you would think no one could climb, bridges over valleys so deep it was scarier than driving a sprintcar.
Mrs Crabbe who hates heights was a bit scared at points but I held her hand.

Well must go the Becks is calling.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old Boys Wrap Up

Gavin Davis again showed us all how it's done by winning the fourth running of the Old Boys Memorial. Gavin didn't show his hand until it really mattered and won the feature well from Phil Johnson ,driving the #21 J&J of Mark Wells and Andrew Pedlar.
It was a good night,the track was a little dry towards the end, but nice and flat a credit to Smithy and his track prep guys.

The hard luck story of the weekend must go to Rocka Zemunik who had engine problems that I've since heard were fairly serious although he's said he will be back for dads race.

I struggled to get the car set up early it was way too loose.We finally got it right for the feature only to run out of brakes around lap 12.

Shane Webster had some brake issues as well and was watching with me from the infield

Overall it was a really good weekend and thanks must go to the Stevens and Doble family's for all their hard work.

Sunday Night

Sunday night was the running of The Midwest Sprintcar Cup. We had 11 cars from Saturday night as Rocka was out as well as Andrew Pedlar who had a leaking fuel bladder.
The track was very different from Saturday it was wet and very hooky. It got a bit rough in places which caused a few of us some wild rides but it was ok if you had the right line.

We again had the set up wrong and we were carrying the front tyres more that i liked which gave me a few scary moments but we got it all sorted with Ricks invaluable help through out the weekend. I probably learnt more about car set up this weekend that i have all year so it was worth it. In the end i was happy to just finish a feature after my last few efforts.

Dave Obrien was on a mission and drove the wheels off his car after starting off pole in the feature only to spin in the latter part on the race.

Mick Doble had a night i think he would rather forget but he'll be back.

Hooky and Wellsy both had a DNF after bending front ends in separate incidents.

All in all it was a really good weekend and we're looking forward to doing it all again in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About to leave Zurich on my "Super Brewery Model Assignment"

Hi all,

You just wont believe this, I had my jacket off today as I started to sweat.
The sun shone all day and it was beautiful and warm.
The Swiss Alps are something to see, from the pub window they looked great, just kidding we were outside enjoying the sights.
I have to let you know that Zurich is the most expensive place in the universe, brought some new shirts and had to take a loan against my house.

Hey all you Geraldton bloggers, where are you?

What was the track like after the new work?
Did it hold up?

Any news on who is going to Carnarvon? Can you nominate to Martin ASAP for us.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Here I am in Zurich.

Boy this is like a "where's Wally" cartoon.

I am in Zurich on Lake Zurich, cold water pouring out of the mountains into the lake.

We have had a heat wave today, I am sure the temperature got to at least 7.5 deg c.

Thought I would put in a photo of me sun baking for you all and show you why I am over here, I am the new "Super Model" for "Crabbies brewery", and a fine model I am too, they just want me to slow down the drinking of their products as apparently I can drink it faster than they produce it.

Norbert tells me Gavin took off night one and Gavin tells me Nathan took off night two.

Well done guys.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What is Crabby doing in Europe.

Well to be honest I am freezing, seen the sun for 15 minutes in the last 5 days, would have loved to be in Geraldton thawing out and getting hot in the drivers seat.

Cmon guys, put some results up for the frozen person suffering Sprintcar Withdrawal Symptoms will you.


Friday, April 2, 2010

John Stephens Memorial Nominations

Nominations – John Stephens Memorial @ Geraldton City Speedway on April 3rd & 4th 2010.

WA1 - Gavin Davis - Bunbury
17 - Carolyn Sotiroff - Geraldton
20 - Mark Doble - Geraldton
21 - Phil Johnson - Glen Forrest
27 - Rocka Zemunik - Yangebup
33 - Grant Chisholm - Ongerup
34 - Andrew Pedlar - Geraldton
40 - Mick Doble - Geraldton
41 - Anthony Rifici - Geraldton
50 - David O’Brien - Geraldton
52 - Nathan Chant - Geraldton
67 - Robbie Stephens - Geraldton
71 - Michael Armstrong - Secret Harbour
88 - Shane Webster - Leeming